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Atomix Virtual DJ.Pro.5.0.7 With Add Ons.Effect.Skins Setup Free




Highlights:** 3-D modeling.** Almost infinite number of turntables.** Finite number of effects.** Spectral Analysis.** In-built sample editor.** Human-readable waveforms and spectral displays.** One-click import of audio files.** QuickStep technology that automatically builds and improves a track by integrating the latest DJ tools.** Record decks for recording samples, such as Record2.** You can choose from nine built-in Remix Decks and add many more from the club to the record player.** Background audio editing tools.** Audio Mixer.** Sample editor.** Arrange effects.** Quickly browse files.** Fast folder view.**... All these are a selection of the best features of VirtualDJ Pro.VirtualDJ Pro is the digital DJ software of choice for serious DJs and professional club producers. Not only is it powerful, but it's built with real DJ's in mind, with detailed tutorials and support. In addition, VirtualDJ Pro features DJ TechTools, a collection of 25 of the most powerful, useful and unique DJ software tools.Best DJ tools in one. It will take you from beginner to experienced DJ in no time with its powerful performance capabilities. It includes on-screen visual FX, presets and methods that make scratching fun and easy to learn. Ready to get the hands dirty with the creative control and precision of one of the hottest DJ apps out there? You’ll find that this DJ app is loaded with features and options that not only enable you to get into DJ mode fast, but also make your life as a DJ much easier. VirtualDJ DJ offers a unique and highly intuitive feature called: AutoScratch. Using this feature, you’ll find that it’s easy and intuitive to match your performance to your music while scratching, something that most other DJ apps require you to learn how to do. With the “Auto Scratch” feature, VirtualDJ comes loaded with tons of new features that enable you to organize your music library and remix your tracks in a much easier and efficient manner. Then there’s AutoRec, VirtualDJ’s unique, and fully-featured AutoRecorder. This feature enables you to record any performance, as well as offer new possibilities and innovations not seen in any other DJ app. In addition to all the features listed above, VirtualDJ includes the following: 1. Unlimited Tracks – Unlimited Tracks as




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Atomix Virtual DJ.Pro.5.0.7 With Add Ons.Effect.Skins Setup Free

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